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Again…Noelle is writing to celebrate The Vietnamese Teacher’s Day on Nov20th 🙂


Did you read my 1st post about this title? As you know that I showed my top 10 PERFECT teachers, my “mì chính cánh” told me not to repeat everything again and again…But I am still longingly remember them. 2013-the year I met my 2nd Marina “mì chính cánh” :D, I bet that you will wonder about the reason why I wrote it. Yeah, I love learning English and I am always ready to learn anytime 😉 so I decided to be a part of Equest :D…It took me only 15mins from my house heheh, I love walking through the streets whenever I have free time!

Before I tell you all about my 2nd Marina, I will continue repeating the name of my English teachers (I meant that my 2nd post I will keep talking about the story of learning English only).

Yeah, I used to be their tiny student…When I was walking through the lane to buy those ingredients for lunch, I met my old teacher-Mrs Tuyen 🙂 Do you know how happy I was? I said Hi! to her but unfortunately baby Noelle and lady Noelle are different 😀 She just realized me when I told her my name <3…And I met her husband-Mr Dieu when I was walking through the lane to go HOME 🙂 He’s still remember me, I am so happy to see his smile 😀 Maybe the word “Beginnings” always exist in my brain so I keep my deep gratitude to my first teachers of English year after year, you know that 8 years flied…The last meeting was a small “party” with a lot of cookies and gifts. I am still keep them as my best memories, and the 1st word of mine 16 years ago was “13” (mười ba), cos my elementary English teacher just taught me from 0-10 😀 I didn’t know exactly the next number in this language so I kept speaking Vietnamese (that was embarrassing).

And now Mr Lars-the one who comes from Belgium, he married a native and decided to live stable in Hanoi…I realized that he also has a baby, he looks like his daddy…and he was named Aiden 😀 Congrats Mr Lars and his wife, the baby will be talented, funny and smart like his GREAT FATHER ^^ Can’t believe that over 2 years flied, he left LLV after the last meeting at I ❤ Friday Restaurant…and now he is a part of the Acet’s crew. Just wondered about my class at this time, Mrs Thuy-the unique lady who has lived in French for 7 years…the lady who kept speaking English using French style, I was making hard to understand her :D…Ms Linh-the latest lady of my class =)), Mr Lars can hear her heels and he always tell us about her appearance through the corridor heheh and yeah Mr Tuan Anh-the doltishness of my class, he didn’t understand anything from Mr Lars, everyone is done without him =)) (perhaps he was “lệch pha” :D). And he said that the course was his first and also his last time at LLV, he wants to learn English by himself 😀


Ok, the most interesting part of my post!!!…I think maybe I won’t continue calling her name 😕 (just kidding lol) I bet that you all get bored after a flood of conversations started with this word “Marina”, yeah she was my “mì chính cánh”-the PERFECT teacher that I have found for a while, the teacher who I truly believe that she was the PERFECTEST teacher of the world over 2 years ago. I used to have a suspicion that this lady was the tedious teacher :D, in my brain when I was walking through those street: They didn’t have to tell me that “Marina is the most enthusiastic teacher” if actually she was a GOOD one, and after that I kept repeating her name till the moment…the moment when she arrived and I got my first impression about this “mysterious” teacher! You can read “It’s my perfect teacher!!!! Miss Marina.B.U“-the post got 100 spam comments 😀 It has been protected to prevent spammers from leaving those bad comments about Marina (and also ME), and yeah I have to let you know that you had better not to read my post if you can’t accept the truth, the post contained a lot of memories (good and bad) through my course…Psycho Noelle is the unique blog of mine writing the truth only so no lie in my post. I will continue repeating her name…anyway 😀 Time is flied but memories are still existing in my heart every second. I would choose you again if I could take a step back to the past, the story would be repeat in another way! Perhaps I was a daredevil…when I decided to step over the limit line between student and teacher, but I just wanted to have you as my stable teacher, you are the reason why I tried my best to “vượt vũ môn” again.


Ahah, before I tell you about my 2nd “mì chính cánh”…I will let you know about my new English club-Oops!!!… I knew Oops via Equest Page on Facebook, and I decided to be a part of the club cos it’s FREE (that was embarrassing lol). My 1st meeting at Bach Thao park made me feel like it’s my 2nd home, I wish you could understand how interesting, how enthusiastic, and how warm it was. No matter where you come from, no matter that you good or bad at English, they create a community to support you in improving your English and widening your friends circle. I met Ms Hannah Hoa and I thought that she was a part of the Oops’ members, I didn’t think that she is an English teacher till one of the collaborators said: “Cô Hoa”…Perhaps I was enthralled, and I wish I was her On Demand student in the nearly future, but…she left 😦 What a pity, I’m not ignore that I want to learn English with those foreigners, cos their pronunciation skill are much better than the VNese ones, it doesn’t mean that the VNese teachers are not good but…I just wanted to improve my Listening skill 😀 Hannah knows the way to make us stick into her class, I ❤ her confidence and zealous to her students, ❤ her mind thinking and raising the best result for her piggies 😀

I ❤ you Hannah, photo about her new haircut…

Handsome right?


I got Equest’s invitation mail at the end of May, I decided to partake in June without thinking too much about it 😀 That course was a blast, got my first time looking around and realized that I was the most talkative lady of that class :”>. My 3rd foreign teacher is Mr Leo, he comes from Philippines, as I told you that I found the 2nd Marina “mì chính cánh”, he is PERFECT anyway (I am always keep my own feedback about my teachers after each period :D). I didn’t want to compare Marina with Leo or opposite, like I used to write that I didn’t want to compare Marina with Mr Lars, but you guys has the same logical 😉 . I had the same feeling like I used to have when I was Marina’s student, I am insanely love the way they use for their teaching. Remember that I paid for every course to improve my language, I will never be there just to look at my teachers’ appearance or do nothing after that. So…pls stop rumoring about my post, if you don’t have heart to write a polite and respect comment on my post -> pls don’t leave anything, I am exhausted deleting those sucks comment! I am still thinking to set a new nickname for my handsome talent teacher-Leo 😀 I had nothing in my head…a bit sad, but Marina is PERFECT, Leo is PERFECT too, so I thought that Marina + Leo = PERFECTEST -> They will be Maleona ^^

Here is the last class meeting photo of mine 😀


I met him after the last class meeting in Building Confidence & Handling Nervousness seminar, sorry he was moving everywhere rapidly in the Conference room so I got this one as the best photo I had 😀


Hopefully I will have a chance to write another post about The Teacher’ Day in the nearly future!…And yeah I just wanted to suggest Cô Kerri ^^. Perhaps this time I keep thinking too much so I throw myself into a bad mood, sorry I don’t remember the reason why Cô Kerri‘s blog has been found through my connection every afternoon 😀 Stupid Noelle, useless Noelle in some cases 😉 Ok, Kerri keep sharing her mind about her teaching time at CEFALT Vietnam and her perfect life in the South of Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh city…Oral exams was my 1st reading and I was impressed ^^, and my 2nd impressed post was The F Word 😀 The post which was writen on her blog reminded me about my 2 bad events when I was studying in High School and some bad memories through my 2nd English course about my “mì chính cánh”!…That is embarrassing, I wasn’t the lady who said it, I didn’t know the reason why she screamed that word in front of her teacher 😀 But perhaps Ms Kerri was confused that she isn’t good enough to control her students. But pls stand up strong and continue paying attention to the ones who support, love and sharing their deep thankful to you! Just ignored those pesky ones, delete your mind thinking about it. I understand what you felt :(, everyone will always behind you ^^

Follow her blog and keep reading her posts, so lucky I was a tiny reader of you Kerri, sending love and my respect for you from the North of Vietnam, I wish I was a part of your class someday.


Sorry I didn’t have any photo of Mrs Tuyen and Mr Dieu so…the cover photo lost their faces 😀

So…it’s the time to leave the ending for my 2nd post about The Vietnamese Teachers’ Day. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a blast day of greetings and gifts, I wish you all could get more successful wherever you go! I hope that the way you’re going on…both is GREEN *blah blah blah* Inshort I wish you all the best, sending love from my heart to you whenever I look back and smile 🙂 I am grateful to your time, energy, your skills to improve and guide me. I’m glad that I was a part of your memories (happy or sad, good or bad) and thank you for the patience you gave whenever I make faults ^^

Happy Vietnamese Teachers’ Day to every teacher around the world ^^

The Wonderful Teacher

With a special gift for learning

And with a heart that deeply cares,

You added a lot of love

To everything you share,

And even though

You mean a lot,

You’ll never know how much,

For your helped

To change the world

Through every life you touched.

You sparked the creativity

In the students whom you taught,

And helped them strive for goals

That could not be bought,

You are such a special teacher

That no words can truly tell

However much you are valued

For the work you do so well…


This little ditty would be great for a cozy dinner and movie date night. I can imagine snow flakes falling while we walk with hot chocolate to a late movie. Sounds novel, right? Date Night

{dress, tights, sweater, ring, purse, boots}

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Street Food

Let me know what you think about our street food ^^

Cô Kerri

During the planning stages of my expatriation to Vietnam, whenever anyone spoke of the local street food, all that came to my mind was phở. And that was only because I once went to a Vietnamese restaurant on a visit down to London. People used to give me varying accounts of Vietnamese street food; some strictly warned me off the stuff, others said it was the best food they’d ever experienced. I honestly had no idea what to expect.

I have since learned that Vietnamese street food is amongst some of the tastiest (and cheapest!) food that I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. Granted, this is after numerous bouts of food poisoning and 2 trips to the local hospital, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Vietnamese street food has to be approached with caution, but the moment you find that one vendor who practises proper food hygiene…

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Oral Exams

Cô Kerri

Every 9 weeks I have to conduct oral exams for each of my students. Their oral mark contributes to around 5% of their final grade (it should be much higher than this in my opinion, but I’m not the one who makes the rules apparently). For many of the oral exams, I just interview each student alone but every now and again I like to shake things up and have them do a dialogue in pairs. I always love oral exam week; 1) because I get to find out the student’s real views on things and 2) it involves very little preparation on my part. The students never fail to provide some amazing comedy too, here are just a few snippets of the conversations I experienced during this week’s oral exams:

1: Social Etiquette

Instructions: Conduct a polite conversation with your classmate. You are both work colleagues who are meeting…

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Hello Saigon!

Initially, I wanted to write my top 10 Vietnamese food. But it was too difficult. I still have to leave out some food that I liked like the caramelized chicken in fish sauce, the hot vit lon in tamarind sauce, sour soup with shrimp (canh chua tom) and the spring rolls. It is no wonder that I can’t find my size in a local dress shop.

Here are my top 12 favorite Vietnamese food (in no particular order) which I crave for in cycles. 😛

1. Goi Cuon

It is the fried spring rolls, fresh counterpart. It is much like the fresh lumpia of my home country which is actually dipped in peanut sauce too — except that our wrapper would be made from egg and flour while the goi cuon’s wrapper is made from rice. I don’t have to go far to find this dish. I just go to

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I ❤ HerDailyDigest's Photo with her great Mom the most 🙂
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers around the world… ^^