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Hello everybody!

It’s Noelle writing to celebrate The Vietnamese’s Teacher Day 11/20/2014… So lucky me that I have a chance to write about this special event -> HERE WE GO

Ok, this is embarrassing 😀

Currently I am back to my Uni this November…!!! Yes I am learning with my old teacher – Mr DoiPA, the one was mentioned in my past post about the Teachers’ Day, click this to follow

Happy Teacher’s Day to every teacher in the world ^^ <- My post about my past time learning English with my top 4 perfect teachers of the world

Happy Vietnamese Teachers Day <- My top teachers through my past time learning to be a good girl

This year I will have a chance to write something new 😉

Did I tell you about my attendance with the Oops!? My first activity to improve my English skills and make new friendship…unfortunately Oops! gone 😦

I’ve joined theirs event to celebrate the early Teacher’s Day with my Oopsers, here are some photos we took last Sunday ^^

I wish Oops was back, I miss Oops to DEATH…*day-dreaming*

And this 2014 I can’t believe that I am being a part of Social Link Club – another English club for the addicts…So, let me take a step back to the past, the 1st offline of mine was Environmental at…Thái Thịnh (sorry I forgot the cafeteria’s name), it made me miss Oops and I am glad to be a part of this…Here are some photos about the Scavenger Hunt – my 1st outing trip with the Social 😉

After seeing this you will understand how thick-skinned I was 😀

I am waiting for my next outting trip with Social this Nov30th (my special birthday gift ever~) ^^

Ok, next chapter with my new “mì chính cánh” LeilanaLLV 😉

Here she is, this one was stolen from her Private Facebook 😀 I hope that she won’t tear me limb to limb, I wish I could leave a tight her on this lady before she left 😦


Remember my first time “blah blah blah” in the 8th meeting with Social… I am wondered about the reason why I looked quite stupid there, but I ❤ to stand next to this lady, now I understand the difference between “I am still…” and “I used to…”

I can’t believe that the 1st time meeting Leila was the last time…cos Leila is gone, I didn’t know that till 1 of the Social’s Instructor told me that…


I thought someone will say that I am “có mới nới cũ” but not, I love my old perfect teachers a lot, and I am wondered about them today, I miss Marina, miss Mr Lars, miss Mr Leo “đẹp trai”, Mr Dieu and Mrs Tuyen!…And this 2014 I found the 2nd Marina, I don’t want to compare them, but I am the happiest to find the 2nd one, I am “cuồng” Leila as I used to “cuồng” Marina 😀 They had the same way to teach their student…again I wish I had a chance to be her student (cos Leila is gone) 😦

The unique photo was taken with Leo when I get my 1st certificate 😀


When I upload this, I know that I will get a flood of comments said that I love my new perfect angel cos she is beautiful, talkative and funny. Remember that I was there to improve my language skills, I will never be there just to look at my teachers’ appearance or do nothing after that. again if you don’t have heart to write a polite and respect comment on my post -> pls don’t leave anything, I am exhausted deleting those sucks comment!

And yes, there are some instructors through every offline meeting of the Social: Mr Peter (Anh Pi), Mr Jamie (Bim Bim), Mr Tom (Anh Cá), Michelle (Tít), Alex (Lexie)…So sorry I have no photo of Lexie here 😥

I ❤ them so much but I care about Leila the most, pls don’t be jealous 😀


More details about my past time learning with Marina…check out my old post “It’s my perfect teacher!!!! Miss Marina.B.U“…The post was protected to prevent spam, it got 100 spam messages, ask to get it’s password if you know my Facebook or Twitter, the post will be shared in private ok? 😀

Less words than I used to think but this time I am too lazy to write, and I am too busy to blah blah blah 😀

Happy Vietnamese’s Teacher Day to every teacher around my country, I wish you could get more successful wherever you go! All the best to you ^^

Today is yours ❤



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Hello everyone on WordPress,

It’s Noelle writing to celebrate the Vietnamese Lunar New Year from the North of Vietnam, sorry I don’t have much photos about this blast event, all of them was taken at Vincom Mega Mall – Royal City, Hanoi ^^


The familiar thing in my lane every year!


The 1st thing I’ve seen when I arrived 😀






Some Koi fishes has been captured when I was wandered around the B2 area, the lucky fish from Japan ever~



Flowers beside the tiny Koi lake in Vincom ^^



Some New Year scenes…




Vu Mon Water Fall




Royal Square photos


The Royal Main Entrance

I wish you were always Hồn nhiên tươi tắn – Gặp nhiều may mắn – Mọi điều đều hên – Ăn ra làm nên – Kiếm tiền như xiếc – Xe hơi vài chiếc – Biệt thự vài căn – Vàng mấy chục cân – Kim cương cả kí – Đô la đầy ví – Bạc tỉ quá thường – Chinh chiến thương trường – Trăm lần trăm thắng – Làm ăn sòng phẳng – Hối lộ chẳng cần – Minh bạch toàn phần – Giàu sang vô độ – Phú quí đồng bộ – Chức vụ lên nhanh – Gia đạo an làng – Hanh thông vạn sự – Thuận hòa chồng vợ – Tương trợ anh em – Trong ngoài ấm êm – Chất thêm hạnh phúc – Ngựa về xin chúc – “Mã đáo thành công”.

And this is my 5th Photo Clip as I promised with HerDailyDigest that I will make a tiny clip about their past time living in the South of Vietnam, now it’s available on my Youtube channel 😉

The Original Clip will be sent to you soon Tara, cos it’s too heavy so I need time to split them into pieces and calc my limit Internet capacity to upload them 😀 Pls be patient and don’t mad at me 😀

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Hello everybody on WordPress!

Again…Noelle is writing to celebrate The Vietnamese Teacher’s Day on Nov20th 🙂


Did you read my 1st post about this title? As you know that I showed my top 10 PERFECT teachers, my “mì chính cánh” told me not to repeat everything again and again…But I am still longingly remember them. 2013-the year I met my 2nd Marina “mì chính cánh” :D, I bet that you will wonder about the reason why I wrote it. Yeah, I love learning English and I am always ready to learn anytime 😉 so I decided to be a part of Equest :D…It took me only 15mins from my house heheh, I love walking through the streets whenever I have free time!

Before I tell you all about my 2nd Marina, I will continue repeating the name of my English teachers (I meant that my 2nd post I will keep talking about the story of learning English only).

Yeah, I used to be their tiny student…When I was walking through the lane to buy those ingredients for lunch, I met my old teacher-Mrs Tuyen 🙂 Do you know how happy I was? I said Hi! to her but unfortunately baby Noelle and lady Noelle are different 😀 She just realized me when I told her my name <3…And I met her husband-Mr Dieu when I was walking through the lane to go HOME 🙂 He’s still remember me, I am so happy to see his smile 😀 Maybe the word “Beginnings” always exist in my brain so I keep my deep gratitude to my first teachers of English year after year, you know that 8 years flied…The last meeting was a small “party” with a lot of cookies and gifts. I am still keep them as my best memories, and the 1st word of mine 16 years ago was “13” (mười ba), cos my elementary English teacher just taught me from 0-10 😀 I didn’t know exactly the next number in this language so I kept speaking Vietnamese (that was embarrassing).

And now Mr Lars-the one who comes from Belgium, he married a native and decided to live stable in Hanoi…I realized that he also has a baby, he looks like his daddy…and he was named Aiden 😀 Congrats Mr Lars and his wife, the baby will be talented, funny and smart like his GREAT FATHER ^^ Can’t believe that over 2 years flied, he left LLV after the last meeting at I ❤ Friday Restaurant…and now he is a part of the Acet’s crew. Just wondered about my class at this time, Mrs Thuy-the unique lady who has lived in French for 7 years…the lady who kept speaking English using French style, I was making hard to understand her :D…Ms Linh-the latest lady of my class =)), Mr Lars can hear her heels and he always tell us about her appearance through the corridor heheh and yeah Mr Tuan Anh-the doltishness of my class, he didn’t understand anything from Mr Lars, everyone is done without him =)) (perhaps he was “lệch pha” :D). And he said that the course was his first and also his last time at LLV, he wants to learn English by himself 😀


Ok, the most interesting part of my post!!!…I think maybe I won’t continue calling her name 😕 (just kidding lol) I bet that you all get bored after a flood of conversations started with this word “Marina”, yeah she was my “mì chính cánh”-the PERFECT teacher that I have found for a while, the teacher who I truly believe that she was the PERFECTEST teacher of the world over 2 years ago. I used to have a suspicion that this lady was the tedious teacher :D, in my brain when I was walking through those street: They didn’t have to tell me that “Marina is the most enthusiastic teacher” if actually she was a GOOD one, and after that I kept repeating her name till the moment…the moment when she arrived and I got my first impression about this “mysterious” teacher! You can read “It’s my perfect teacher!!!! Miss Marina.B.U“-the post got 100 spam comments 😀 It has been protected to prevent spammers from leaving those bad comments about Marina (and also ME), and yeah I have to let you know that you had better not to read my post if you can’t accept the truth, the post contained a lot of memories (good and bad) through my course…Psycho Noelle is the unique blog of mine writing the truth only so no lie in my post. I will continue repeating her name…anyway 😀 Time is flied but memories are still existing in my heart every second. I would choose you again if I could take a step back to the past, the story would be repeat in another way! Perhaps I was a daredevil…when I decided to step over the limit line between student and teacher, but I just wanted to have you as my stable teacher, you are the reason why I tried my best to “vượt vũ môn” again.


Ahah, before I tell you about my 2nd “mì chính cánh”…I will let you know about my new English club-Oops!!!… I knew Oops via Equest Page on Facebook, and I decided to be a part of the club cos it’s FREE (that was embarrassing lol). My 1st meeting at Bach Thao park made me feel like it’s my 2nd home, I wish you could understand how interesting, how enthusiastic, and how warm it was. No matter where you come from, no matter that you good or bad at English, they create a community to support you in improving your English and widening your friends circle. I met Ms Hannah Hoa and I thought that she was a part of the Oops’ members, I didn’t think that she is an English teacher till one of the collaborators said: “Cô Hoa”…Perhaps I was enthralled, and I wish I was her On Demand student in the nearly future, but…she left 😦 What a pity, I’m not ignore that I want to learn English with those foreigners, cos their pronunciation skill are much better than the VNese ones, it doesn’t mean that the VNese teachers are not good but…I just wanted to improve my Listening skill 😀 Hannah knows the way to make us stick into her class, I ❤ her confidence and zealous to her students, ❤ her mind thinking and raising the best result for her piggies 😀

I ❤ you Hannah, photo about her new haircut…

Handsome right?


I got Equest’s invitation mail at the end of May, I decided to partake in June without thinking too much about it 😀 That course was a blast, got my first time looking around and realized that I was the most talkative lady of that class :”>. My 3rd foreign teacher is Mr Leo, he comes from Philippines, as I told you that I found the 2nd Marina “mì chính cánh”, he is PERFECT anyway (I am always keep my own feedback about my teachers after each period :D). I didn’t want to compare Marina with Leo or opposite, like I used to write that I didn’t want to compare Marina with Mr Lars, but you guys has the same logical 😉 . I had the same feeling like I used to have when I was Marina’s student, I am insanely love the way they use for their teaching. Remember that I paid for every course to improve my language, I will never be there just to look at my teachers’ appearance or do nothing after that. So…pls stop rumoring about my post, if you don’t have heart to write a polite and respect comment on my post -> pls don’t leave anything, I am exhausted deleting those sucks comment! I am still thinking to set a new nickname for my handsome talent teacher-Leo 😀 I had nothing in my head…a bit sad, but Marina is PERFECT, Leo is PERFECT too, so I thought that Marina + Leo = PERFECTEST -> They will be Maleona ^^

Here is the last class meeting photo of mine 😀


I met him after the last class meeting in Building Confidence & Handling Nervousness seminar, sorry he was moving everywhere rapidly in the Conference room so I got this one as the best photo I had 😀


Hopefully I will have a chance to write another post about The Teacher’ Day in the nearly future!…And yeah I just wanted to suggest Cô Kerri ^^. Perhaps this time I keep thinking too much so I throw myself into a bad mood, sorry I don’t remember the reason why Cô Kerri‘s blog has been found through my connection every afternoon 😀 Stupid Noelle, useless Noelle in some cases 😉 Ok, Kerri keep sharing her mind about her teaching time at CEFALT Vietnam and her perfect life in the South of Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh city…Oral exams was my 1st reading and I was impressed ^^, and my 2nd impressed post was The F Word 😀 The post which was writen on her blog reminded me about my 2 bad events when I was studying in High School and some bad memories through my 2nd English course about my “mì chính cánh”!…That is embarrassing, I wasn’t the lady who said it, I didn’t know the reason why she screamed that word in front of her teacher 😀 But perhaps Ms Kerri was confused that she isn’t good enough to control her students. But pls stand up strong and continue paying attention to the ones who support, love and sharing their deep thankful to you! Just ignored those pesky ones, delete your mind thinking about it. I understand what you felt :(, everyone will always behind you ^^

Follow her blog and keep reading her posts, so lucky I was a tiny reader of you Kerri, sending love and my respect for you from the North of Vietnam, I wish I was a part of your class someday.


Sorry I didn’t have any photo of Mrs Tuyen and Mr Dieu so…the cover photo lost their faces 😀

So…it’s the time to leave the ending for my 2nd post about The Vietnamese Teachers’ Day. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a blast day of greetings and gifts, I wish you all could get more successful wherever you go! I hope that the way you’re going on…both is GREEN *blah blah blah* Inshort I wish you all the best, sending love from my heart to you whenever I look back and smile 🙂 I am grateful to your time, energy, your skills to improve and guide me. I’m glad that I was a part of your memories (happy or sad, good or bad) and thank you for the patience you gave whenever I make faults ^^

Happy Vietnamese Teachers’ Day to every teacher around the world ^^

The Wonderful Teacher

With a special gift for learning

And with a heart that deeply cares,

You added a lot of love

To everything you share,

And even though

You mean a lot,

You’ll never know how much,

For your helped

To change the world

Through every life you touched.

You sparked the creativity

In the students whom you taught,

And helped them strive for goals

That could not be bought,

You are such a special teacher

That no words can truly tell

However much you are valued

For the work you do so well…

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Xin trả lại những kỷ niệm buồn vui
Ngày xanh đã theo thời gian qua mất rồi
Ngồi viết tâm sự nhớ ngược về quá khứ
Chợt lên nét suy tư
Bao năm thầm kín trót thương tà áo tím
Những đêm sương lạnh nghe trái sầu rớt vào tim.

Thương rất nhiều mái tóc xõa bờ vai
Tình khôn lớn nuôi chờ mong ôi quá dài
Lòng vẫn u hoài thấy chuyện tình đổi thay
Đời ai biết được ai
Chia ly là hết, xót xa nhiều cũng thế
Nếu mai sau gặp xin cúi mặt làm ngơ!

Thời gian có ngừng đây bao giờ!
Thương tiếc rồi sẽ làm buồn vu vơ!
Nhiều lúc muốn quên để xóa mờ
Nhưng mỗi lần nhìn đêm về thương nhớ
Người đó ta đây, tình vẫn chia phôi
Biết cuộc đời mình ra sao?

Ôm kỷ niệm chẳng nửa lời thở than
Một tâm khúc cho người thương, cho tiếng đàn
Đời đã không màng những gì mình mơ ước,
mà sao khó tìm quên!
Xa nhau thì nhớ lúc đêm gần xao xuyến
Nhớ thương bây giờ xin trả lại thời gian.

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Handmade Product

Handmade Product

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Hello everyone ^^

It’s Noelle writing on WordPress to celebrate The Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 11/20

November 20th is the Teachers’ Day in Vietnam, it’s a chance for us to express our deep gratitude to the teachers!!!…Let me take a step back to the past, the time when I was a kid, I’ll tell you my childhood memories about my great teachers…

My memories about my primary school…When I went to school for the first time, at that time I was really naive and always shy 😀 My head teacher at 1st grade is Mrs Tuyet, she is fat but she is very friendly, enthusiastic and always smile!!!…When I got a pain, she took me to the bureau of public health ^^…It was the first time I went to school, she is my first great teacher, she is always to be patient with her pupils…What a happy childhood time!…I hope that I’ll have a chance to meet you somewhere to say: “Thank you so very much for everything you did!!!”…

My secondary school, the teacher who I always respect and grateful is my Math teacher, her name is An!!! Actually I’m not good at Math, and so is my class at that time, she retrieved my class and helped us to overcome 😀 I thought that I would fail the final exams if she didn’t guide me!!! Thank you so very much for your help Mrs An…I’m grateful for your enthusiasm through my 9th grade!!!…

When I qualified Secondary school, and begin my Student time in High School, the teachers who I believed and gratitude the most is my Physical Teacher and my Math teacher at 12th grade, the time when I had to prepare for my final exams!!! My Physical teacher, his name is Mai…Actually at that time I was really stupid and scared of PHYSICAL…But he is an enthusiasm teacher, he is always to be patient with his students, and he knows the right way to make the lesson becomes more and more interesting…:D My Math teacher-Mr Thong is my best teacher ever!!!…You have only 3 times to delete your bad mark from his mark-book…If you can’t overcome, you’ll get 0 for sure!!!…So lucky I am, I didn’t get any bad mark through my last time 😀 Thanks to my 2 teachers for helping me to overcome the final exams…I am grateful for your time and your strength!!!

Blah blah blah…Seem like I made a lot of faults 😀 Because I’m not good at literature, and my English ability is limit 😀 Sorry if I made fault, you guys can check it and let my know about it…hihih

Now is the time for me to show you about my English activities through my life ^^ I have falling in love with English since I was 7…Then this year marked 15 years I spent to learn English…It was incredible, when I was learning in 2nd grade, the first English lesson about the greeting “Hello”…I was really stupid, it was so very hard to read these 3 English words “Stand up please!!!”…After my time to learn at school, I went home and asked my family to have private English tuition 😀 My first English teacher are Mr Dieu and Mrs Tuyen, they are my best English teacher at that time, it took me only 5 mins from my house hihih…I have learnt with them for 8 years…When I qualified Secondary school, it was the time to say “Good bye” to my 2 English teachers…Till this time, I’m still longingly remember my last time to be their student ^^ I’m grateful, and cherish them a lot!!! Anyway, I said Thank you so very much Mr Dieu and Mrs Tuyen for everything you did to improve and raise my English ability from the beginning!!!…The inspiration that made me always to be confident and never scared when I use English as my primary foreign language are you guys!!!…I can speak English fluency, read, write and listen to it clearly because you…I wish I could take a step back to the past and continue learning like I was 15 years ago!!!

Last year is 2011, I’m happy to show my WordPress family about my English time at LLV…When I graduated High school and ready to take the examination to be a part of FPT University Family, English is the most important exam, and so is the GMAT one!!! I tried my best to revise my English ability 😀 Because if you bad at English, you’ll fail the test and never have a chance to be FPT’s student 😀 I ❤ my second house. In FPT, the primary language is English, everything in English!!! The curriculum in English, English is our requirement language to communicate to each others…I have to work in English environment…That’s why I chose FPT as my way to be a Professional Computer Programming although I spent 1 year to learn about Mobile, and trained 2.5 years to get reality experiences 😀 And IT is my way, someone said that IT was my wrong choice, but I ❤ it and I’m passionate about it!!! It’s me Noelle…My first time in LLV was January4th, after I took an exam to specify my English ability, the counselor called me to notice about my English level…It was incredible, the English teacher who interviewed me is also my English teacher at that level ^^ His name is Lars, he comes from Belgium, he is an enthusiasm English teacher, and he is so funny!!! He is always make a joke on us, and we’re also joke back!!! He was teaching carefully to ensure that his students would get the benefit of the lesson!!! And he is always to be patient when we made faults…He explained and let us repeat everything till he felt we’re speaking accurately ^^ And he can speak Vietnamese hihih, too funny!!! He can say: “Ôi giời ơi”, “Buôn dưa lê”, “con ong”, “Chúc mừng ngày quốc tế phụ nữ”, “đậu phụ”, “chém gió”, “thịt chó mắm tôm” and a lot of words, that’s why the class set these 2 nicknames “Mr Buôn dưa lê” or “Ông Ôi giời ơi” for him 😀  But we didn’t have a chance to be his students after March 10th cos his contract was expired at that time!!! We created a small party at I ❤ Friday Restaurant to say “Good bye” to our best English teacher…Before we left, he wished that we would get another teacher who talent and as funny as him, he wished us all the best!!!…I miss you Mr Lars, you’re my first foreign teacher, and Thank you so very much for the last time…I wish you could get more successful wherever you go!!! All the best to you!!! Love and embrace you Mr Lars <3<3<3<3<3

P/s: He said that I am a spring chicken!…Was it right everyone? And his dream came true! I met another talent teacher after that ^^

My second English class at LLV was May5th, when I qualified and got my first LLV certificate, I continued registering for the next course!!! 1 of the LLV counselor said that I’ll learn with Miss Marina, and she is the most enthusiasm English teacher at LLV…In my head at that time, I was really suspicious about Marina’s ability (Sorry my angel, cos I’m a curious girl, I’ll never predict or believe at anything if I’m not sure, I’m only believe or trust it if I get the reality experiences…With me “Trăm nghe không bằng mắt thấy”(Seeing is believing)…) When someone said that another one is enthusiastic or they’re the good ones, sometimes it’s mean that the truth is opposite!!! They said that you’re enthusiastic, maybe you’re a very tedious teacher 😀 The reality will demonstrate your ability…It was surprising me that the cute lady that my daddy and I met when she was driving across the street was YOU. The first time to be your new student, you worn a purple dress coordinated with a green shirt one, you made me “Mắt chữ O miệng chữ A” when you called my real name 😀 Clearly and non-mistake, you let the class made me overwhelmed with a lot of questions, and I have falling in love with you from that time (I am insanely ❤ the way you use to teach everyone and also me, I have never felt the same)!!! So lucky I am ^^ I remembered the last time when you spent 1 night to help us about the CV letter, the most difficult writing task in the Middle Test, you explained everything as easy as you can…You required us to write it by ourselves, you went around, read and checked our faults!!! I’m grateful for your time, your energy, your logic, your strength, and special thank for your enthusiasm though the course Marina!!! I wish you could get more successful wherever you go!!! All the best to you!!! I’m always behind you 100%!!! Love and embrace you my PERFECT teacher…I won’t forget my happiest time to be your student 🙂 I’m still dreaming to have you as my stable English teacher…I wish you could know how much I love you!!! I’ll be your crazy fan forever 😉

Sometimes I wish that the class was my first one, cos Marina will be our best teacher! Sorry I didn’t want to compare you with Mr Lars, but you guys has the same logical 😀 My class would happy to death if they had you as their teacher, they were the best students, they always completed their homework on-time…If I had a chance to choose my teacher, I would choose you again! I am “cuồng mì chính cánh” 😀

The next one will be Mr Pham Anh Doi, he is the most strictly teacher of Noelle ^^ When I met him for the first time, and also the first lesson, he let us write, translate and write out our own summary for each lesson. It took me at least 4 hours every day to do it, it was inflamed my fingers 😀 But our English ability has been improved, and our tests’ result was better. Thank you for taking time to read, check and guide us through my 2nd year 😉

And the last one was Mrs Dang Kim Thi, my 3rd year teacher! I miss her so very much, she is so friendly, enthusiastic and always to be patient with her students, I ❤ her so very much…She is so KOOL, she is always ready to make a joke on us, and we also joke back 🙂 She guided us to complete our e-project, the requirements to jump every year! We have total 4 projects to complete our student time 🙂 Thank you so very much for guiding us, inspiring us and make us what we are today ^^ I will keep it as my sweetest memories through my life!

Happy Vietnamese’s Teacher Day!!!…I wish you could get more successful wherever you go, all the best to you my perfect teachers!!! Love and embrace you all <3!!! I am proud that I was a part of your memories!

Stay happy and keep smiling…^^

Your tiny student


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1st year Anniversary the last meeting…28/7/2011-28/7/2012

The 1st photo is our “mì chính cánh” Marina, I was enthralled by this one…, she was so “tít” 😀

The 2nd one with Marina and all members of the class ;), my family said they just saw our legs 😦

The 3rd one, I was completely crushed 😀

The 4th one was the scene of 2 classes hanging out together

And the last one… was the most mysterious photo! Can anyone out there explain what she was thinking?

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