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Cool Cooler Covers

Thanks for sharing those cool covers!

Hello Saigon!

 photo 8903468f-79de-4080-83aa-63b4c2a19e45_zpsf791b182.jpg

So the other day I walked into our office pantry to get some water and was greeted with a bejeweled water cooler.

I actually did a double take and thought to myself, “Am I in the right office?” 😛

But honestly though, I liked the water cooler’s new look.

If you’re looking to spruce up your water cooler from blah to whoa, why not get these cool cooler covers from Cooler Coverz?

The price ranges from 220,000 to 400,000 VND and come in a myriad of designs.

 photo image2_zps8d63e9b1.jpegThis TET season, this yellow studded cover might be ideal.

 photo image1_zps6e389870.jpegGeckos, anyone?

 photo image4_zps4b8cb764.jpegOr some dolphins?

 photo image3_zps523828d3.jpegPersonally, I love butterflies —

 photo image5_zpsf6877680.jpegCheck out their designs at the Cooler Coverz FB page.


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