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Oral Exams

Cô Kerri

Every 9 weeks I have to conduct oral exams for each of my students. Their oral mark contributes to around 5% of their final grade (it should be much higher than this in my opinion, but I’m not the one who makes the rules apparently). For many of the oral exams, I just interview each student alone but every now and again I like to shake things up and have them do a dialogue in pairs. I always love oral exam week; 1) because I get to find out the student’s real views on things and 2) it involves very little preparation on my part. The students never fail to provide some amazing comedy too, here are just a few snippets of the conversations I experienced during this week’s oral exams:

1: Social Etiquette

Instructions: Conduct a polite conversation with your classmate. You are both work colleagues who are meeting…

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Hello Saigon!

Initially, I wanted to write my top 10 Vietnamese food. But it was too difficult. I still have to leave out some food that I liked like the caramelized chicken in fish sauce, the hot vit lon in tamarind sauce, sour soup with shrimp (canh chua tom) and the spring rolls. It is no wonder that I can’t find my size in a local dress shop.

Here are my top 12 favorite Vietnamese food (in no particular order) which I crave for in cycles. 😛

1. Goi Cuon

It is the fried spring rolls, fresh counterpart. It is much like the fresh lumpia of my home country which is actually dipped in peanut sauce too — except that our wrapper would be made from egg and flour while the goi cuon’s wrapper is made from rice. I don’t have to go far to find this dish. I just go to

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