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Hello Saigon!

Nope, hubby and I do not aspire to be professional photographers because we’re way off course. But we do enjoy taking photos so the following photos are no way taken by trying hard photographers, okay? I just want to share with you some photos of the sunrise and sunsets during our recent visit to Mui Ne. Sunsets are easy to capture — but sunrise?  Who wakes up early on a vacation? Troi oi! Well, apparently, we do.
 photo IMG_2436_zps317bccd9.jpg

There’s just something intense in seeing the sun set — it’s sad and beautiful at the same time, sometimes heartbreaking but sometimes, awesome too!

 photo IMG_2452_zps1fd010fe.jpgAbove is almost sunrise, and don’t you just love the purple hues? Sun rise somehow is the medicine that chases away the blues.

 photo IMG_2459_zps9a746b9c.jpgHere’s another sunrise on another day. No two are alike I must say. The brewing orange horizon lits up the sky so magnificently.

 photo IMG_2599_zps94e8d9ad.jpgMy most favorite…

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face reading-eyes

Since eyes are the primary sensory organ for light, it is no surprise that eyes have been called the windows of the soul. Our eyes reflect our outlook, our attitudes, and our openness. Conversely, they tell when we filter or screen out information. Only the very noticeable examples count. If you cannot immediately tell whether a person’s eyes are very wide apart or very close together, don’t read the feature.


  • A. Widely Spaced (more than one eye’s width apart): You have a broad, open perspective and a far-sighted imagination, but you hate dealing with details. You may be less grounded than most people and may even be considered “spacey” by those with a narrower field of view. Your challenge is gaining the financial reward you deserve for your broad insights, because compensation for your efforts is a detail you may overlook.
  • B. Closely Spaced (less than one eye’s…

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