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My First Stop: Hanoi


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2012 Psycho Noelle

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Saigon Survival 101

Hello Saigon!

20121203_191007A friend has recently moved to Saigon a couple of months ago (Hi Shirley!) and has been asking how I survived my first year in Saigon.  Actually, in retrospect, surviving the first year wasn’t that daunting.

That was in 2009.  I know people who moved here 10 years ago and I’m pretty sure they had a more difficult time.  I’ve heard stories of supermarkets and other establishments shutting down for almost 2 weeks during Tet which led to panic-buying a week before the holiday. Christmas and New Year didn’t sound specially fun back then too. Actually, a year ago, I woke up to Christmas Day with some construction work being done at an apartment above ours.  I had to call management to remind them that for some, it’s Christmas.  And just last New Year’s Eve, our group had to plead to the restaurant at Binh Quoi Resort to open till…

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