Hello everybody!

It’s Noelle writing to celebrate The Vietnamese’s Teacher Day 11/20/2014… So lucky me that I have a chance to write about this special event -> HERE WE GO

Ok, this is embarrassing 😀

Currently I am back to my Uni this November…!!! Yes I am learning with my old teacher – Mr DoiPA, the one was mentioned in my past post about the Teachers’ Day, click this to follow

Happy Teacher’s Day to every teacher in the world ^^ <- My post about my past time learning English with my top 4 perfect teachers of the world

Happy Vietnamese Teachers Day <- My top teachers through my past time learning to be a good girl

This year I will have a chance to write something new 😉

Did I tell you about my attendance with the Oops!? My first activity to improve my English skills and make new friendship…unfortunately Oops! gone 😦

I’ve joined theirs event to celebrate the early Teacher’s Day with my Oopsers, here are some photos we took last Sunday ^^

I wish Oops was back, I miss Oops to DEATH…*day-dreaming*

And this 2014 I can’t believe that I am being a part of Social Link Club – another English club for the addicts…So, let me take a step back to the past, the 1st offline of mine was Environmental at…Thái Thịnh (sorry I forgot the cafeteria’s name), it made me miss Oops and I am glad to be a part of this…Here are some photos about the Scavenger Hunt – my 1st outing trip with the Social 😉

After seeing this you will understand how thick-skinned I was 😀

I am waiting for my next outting trip with Social this Nov30th (my special birthday gift ever~) ^^

Ok, next chapter with my new “mì chính cánh” LeilanaLLV 😉

Here she is, this one was stolen from her Private Facebook 😀 I hope that she won’t tear me limb to limb, I wish I could leave a tight her on this lady before she left 😦


Remember my first time “blah blah blah” in the 8th meeting with Social… I am wondered about the reason why I looked quite stupid there, but I ❤ to stand next to this lady, now I understand the difference between “I am still…” and “I used to…”

I can’t believe that the 1st time meeting Leila was the last time…cos Leila is gone, I didn’t know that till 1 of the Social’s Instructor told me that…


I thought someone will say that I am “có mới nới cũ” but not, I love my old perfect teachers a lot, and I am wondered about them today, I miss Marina, miss Mr Lars, miss Mr Leo “đẹp trai”, Mr Dieu and Mrs Tuyen!…And this 2014 I found the 2nd Marina, I don’t want to compare them, but I am the happiest to find the 2nd one, I am “cuồng” Leila as I used to “cuồng” Marina 😀 They had the same way to teach their student…again I wish I had a chance to be her student (cos Leila is gone) 😦

The unique photo was taken with Leo when I get my 1st certificate 😀


When I upload this, I know that I will get a flood of comments said that I love my new perfect angel cos she is beautiful, talkative and funny. Remember that I was there to improve my language skills, I will never be there just to look at my teachers’ appearance or do nothing after that. again if you don’t have heart to write a polite and respect comment on my post -> pls don’t leave anything, I am exhausted deleting those sucks comment!

And yes, there are some instructors through every offline meeting of the Social: Mr Peter (Anh Pi), Mr Jamie (Bim Bim), Mr Tom (Anh Cá), Michelle (Tít), Alex (Lexie)…So sorry I have no photo of Lexie here 😥

I ❤ them so much but I care about Leila the most, pls don’t be jealous 😀


More details about my past time learning with Marina…check out my old post “It’s my perfect teacher!!!! Miss Marina.B.U“…The post was protected to prevent spam, it got 100 spam messages, ask to get it’s password if you know my Facebook or Twitter, the post will be shared in private ok? 😀

Less words than I used to think but this time I am too lazy to write, and I am too busy to blah blah blah 😀

Happy Vietnamese’s Teacher Day to every teacher around my country, I wish you could get more successful wherever you go! All the best to you ^^

Today is yours ❤


Hello Saigon!

By guest blogger, Sophia Wright

Vietnam is completely different from all other countries I have visited so far. The amount of things happening everyday is overwhelming. It is just like another world and totally differs from home. I was very much expecting getting around the country to be surprising and challenging.

My impression about Ho Chi Minh City? It is chaos. There are more motorbikes than people. I like to call it Scooter City. Scooters have dominated the city, and when there is not enough space on the roads, people just drive on the pedestrians. “When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do” so I booked a scooter road trip from a tour company to discover around the city and Mekong Delta.
 photo Picture1_zps0ece2187.jpg

I had seen photos on internet showing different things that carried on their scooters in Southeast Asia but up until I visited Vietnam, I had not…

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Hello everyone on WordPress,

It’s Noelle writing to celebrate the Vietnamese Lunar New Year from the North of Vietnam, sorry I don’t have much photos about this blast event, all of them was taken at Vincom Mega Mall – Royal City, Hanoi ^^


The familiar thing in my lane every year!


The 1st thing I’ve seen when I arrived 😀






Some Koi fishes has been captured when I was wandered around the B2 area, the lucky fish from Japan ever~



Flowers beside the tiny Koi lake in Vincom ^^



Some New Year scenes…




Vu Mon Water Fall




Royal Square photos


The Royal Main Entrance

I wish you were always Hồn nhiên tươi tắn – Gặp nhiều may mắn – Mọi điều đều hên – Ăn ra làm nên – Kiếm tiền như xiếc – Xe hơi vài chiếc – Biệt thự vài căn – Vàng mấy chục cân – Kim cương cả kí – Đô la đầy ví – Bạc tỉ quá thường – Chinh chiến thương trường – Trăm lần trăm thắng – Làm ăn sòng phẳng – Hối lộ chẳng cần – Minh bạch toàn phần – Giàu sang vô độ – Phú quí đồng bộ – Chức vụ lên nhanh – Gia đạo an làng – Hanh thông vạn sự – Thuận hòa chồng vợ – Tương trợ anh em – Trong ngoài ấm êm – Chất thêm hạnh phúc – Ngựa về xin chúc – “Mã đáo thành công”.

And this is my 5th Photo Clip as I promised with HerDailyDigest that I will make a tiny clip about their past time living in the South of Vietnam, now it’s available on my Youtube channel 😉

The Original Clip will be sent to you soon Tara, cos it’s too heavy so I need time to split them into pieces and calc my limit Internet capacity to upload them 😀 Pls be patient and don’t mad at me 😀

Cool Cooler Covers

Thanks for sharing those cool covers!

Hello Saigon!

 photo 8903468f-79de-4080-83aa-63b4c2a19e45_zpsf791b182.jpg

So the other day I walked into our office pantry to get some water and was greeted with a bejeweled water cooler.

I actually did a double take and thought to myself, “Am I in the right office?” 😛

But honestly though, I liked the water cooler’s new look.

If you’re looking to spruce up your water cooler from blah to whoa, why not get these cool cooler covers from Cooler Coverz?

The price ranges from 220,000 to 400,000 VND and come in a myriad of designs.

 photo image2_zps8d63e9b1.jpegThis TET season, this yellow studded cover might be ideal.

 photo image1_zps6e389870.jpegGeckos, anyone?

 photo image4_zps4b8cb764.jpegOr some dolphins?

 photo image3_zps523828d3.jpegPersonally, I love butterflies —

 photo image5_zpsf6877680.jpegCheck out their designs at the Cooler Coverz FB page.


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The Elephant Falls

Đẹp quá! What a professional photographer ^^

Cô Kerri

(All Rights Reserved)

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68 Cents Lunch

Hello Saigon!

After a very stressful week at work, my colleague asked me if I want to go out for lunch — to which I readily said, “YES!”

She said we’d be sitting on the streets. I shrugged and said, “Sure!” I kinda had an idea where she was going to to take me. And true enough, we went to the lunch lady serving her piping hot canh bun at the corner of Nguyen Du and Hai Ba Trung — right across the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel. 🙂

 photo 20131213_122540_zpsf29cf565.jpgI’ve always seen a huge crowd by this area and have seen my colleagues eat here but I haven’t tried it out myself. With the number of people eating here every single work day, I didn’t feel any trepidation about trying out the soup myself.

 photo 20131213_124440_zps6fb2133c.jpgAnd I was treated to a real filling spicy hot soup!

 photo 20131213_122800_zpsb01d6be6.jpgIt had Vietnamese ham, kangkong, tomato, tofu, pig’s blood…

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Hello everyone on WP,

It’s Noelle writing to celebrate my 1st time to be in the hospital…


My 1st photo about my room, that was embarrassing cos I took this just to show you that I saw the purple sky when I finished my drip feed 😀 Did you see it?


The 2nd one about this broken ceiling…how scary…how dangerous! I was wondered about the consequence if that room was struck by a lightning :-s


The intravenous for me every morning…I got 2 bottles for the first 3 days and just 1 bottle mixed with medicine till they wanna kick my ass out 😀


Look at my hand especially my broken venae! 😥

I wish you could understand how hurt it was, they were making hard to find my vena whenever I got my prescription (the drip feed and medicine).


Bored…scary! Hey…I looked fatter right? But no, I lost 2kg after a few days being under “lock and key”… 😦


Yeah, the last intravenous of mine on Tuesday Nov19th…I was wondering about the moment when they decided to let me out 😀


The moon was snapped after my dinner with mommy at their canteen 😀 The same sky…but the land wasn’t HOME, we tend to call it “trời quen đất lạ”…My cricket (my cell phone) was charged before this photo was taken so it has enough energy to save my random things whenever I complained about my bad luck this Nov and yeah it’s my birth’s month.

I hope that it was the first and also the last time…I am scared of the hospital 😥

I will run as fast as possible so I can prevent my family from taking me to this place 😀